Special Care Dentistry

Our mission also includes to provide dental care for patients with complex medical, mental and physical challenges. We strive to successfully manage any patient, regardless of how complex their situation may be.

We offer all aspects of dentistry including conscious sedation, general anesthesia, blood product infusions, and the use of hospital resources with detailed minute to minute monitoring of vitals if required.

Expedited care is provided when the patient’s medical needs rely on rapid dental stabilization, such as transplant clearance and oncology with provisions to manage an emergency.

We have also kept in mind about the comfort and care for those who require more attention. Lift facility on ground level as our center is on 1st floor, ample parking with assistance, waiting area with friendly staff and doctors are well trained to take care of them.

Referrals from patients, medical doctors and dentists are welcomed and we will be happy to serve them.