Hygiene And Sterilization

Hygiene Sterilization

At Dantah, we value the oral, dental & overall health of our patients & ensure their treatment in the most hygienic environment. This becomes equally important, in case of patient already suffering from diseases like Cardio Vascular Disorders (CVD), Diabetes, Kidney Disorders, Liver Disorders, etc. or in special conditions like Pregnancy.

Equipment Sterilization

Each hand instrument or equipment used during the treatment, undergoes a rigorous process of cleaning,disinfection, drying, pouching, sealing & autoclaving.

Ultra Violet Chambers

Following complete Sterilization (easily known through indicators), the sealed pouches containing hand pieces or instruments are meticulously maintained in Ultra Violet Chambers & opened only in front of patients.

On Demand Sterilization

Our well trained healthcare providers (Dental Surgeons & Dental Assistants) at Dantah shall be pleased to demonstrate our strict sterilization protocol on request. We also offer you “On Demand Sterilization” on an optional basis.

Real Time Water Disinfection

Our state of the art Dental Chairs provide, real time water disinfection during a treatment, thus not allowing even a drop of water going inside your mouth that has not been suitably treated for “Dissolved Solutes” or “Micro Organisms” & thus offering Continuous Disinfection.